Women’s Kickboxing Classes - IMPACT Martial Arts Newmarket

Women’s Kickboxing Classes

Get fit and make an impact!

Searching for fast-paced, confidence-building kickboxing classes for women? Our very own Canadian Forces instructor, Ashlyn, is focused on sharing her enthusiasm and experience with women and girls 16 and older.  Learn the most effective and exciting way of combining fitness and self-defense at Impact Martial Arts Newmarket.

Our women’s kickboxing classes focus on developing a high level of fitness while training in useful, real-world, and straight-forward defense techniques. Not only do these classes produce awesome results, they’re challenging and fun. Burn anywhere from 700-1100 calories per hour while learning proven techniques to protect yourself. You’ll be learning effective strikes and defensive moves, all the training is done with kickboxing gloves, focus mitts, and kick shields.

No one is hit during these training sessions, as safety is our utmost priority. 

Benefits that you can expect from Women’s Kickboxing:

  • Work your legs, arms, glutes, and abs with a full-body workout that keeps your heart rate up 
  • Develop the skill and confidence to effectively deal with situations. Power up your fists, elbows, knees, and kicks.
  • Learn exercises you can do on your own.
  • Gain strength while toning and burning calories simultaneously 
  • Grow friendships while working alongside one another

Train at your own pace. We’ll push you and help you conquer your limits, but kickboxing can be done by anyone, regardless of their current fitness level. You’ll be sweating and smiling from a job well done at the end of each of these boot camp-style women’s kickboxing classes in Newmarket. 


Women’s Kickboxing FAQs:

Will there be men around?

No, the classes are in a secluded area with only women attending as well as always having a female instructor!

Can I sign up if I have never kick boxed before?

Absolutely! Our kickboxing classes range from different low to high intensity rates and our instructor works with each person individually during a class teaching and adapting to different needs.

Do I need to bring anything?

We can provide boxing gloves and all equipment needed during the class as well as a water fill station so all you need is a bottle and athletic wear. Attendants are encouraged to bring their own equipment(gloves, any other protective equipment you require) Supplies are limited. 

Can I bring my children?

Yes! Available to select classes, you can leave your child with our ECE certified caretaker for a small fee while you complete you class.  Subject to availability and capacity limits. For more please see: Childcare info