Mini Ninjas - Big Impact - IMPACT Martial Arts Newmarket

Mini Ninjas - Big Impact

The Mini Ninjas program is designed to teach young children the fundamental of karate and is ideal for children aged 3-6. Classes are focused on being fun and active while helping kids develop discipline through listening and following directions, which will lead to promotion into the youth karate program.

Curriculum & Goals

  • Practice discipline and listening skills through games and activities 
  • Develop balance, coordination and fine motor skills 
  • Focus on fundamentals that build toward karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Learn safe falling techniques


Mini Ninjas Program Details

  • 10-pack of prepaid classes to offer flexible participation. You choose which dates and times work best for you and come as often as you like until your 10 classes are completed.
  • The pack of prepaid classes has no expiry date, but there are no refunds for unused classes.
  • Classes are 30 min. Please see the schedule for available dates and times.
  • For ages 3 through 6.
  • Uniform required: Karate gi (purchased separately for $45).

Rules for Mini Ninjas

  • Practice good hygiene: wear a clean uniform, have clean feet and trimmed nails
  • Have long hair? Awesome, but please keep it up and off your shoulders
  • Do not wear any jewelry during classes
  • Bow whenever entering or exiting the mat
  • No shoes or socks on the mat
  • If arriving late, always present yourself and bow to the main instructor first, then any other coaches and/or black belts