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Media & Testimonials

From  (June 29, 2022), by Elizabeth Keith.

Inclusivity is key component of new Newmarket martial arts studio

“We are serious about martial arts but we don’t take ourselves too seriously about martial arts. It has to have a fun component and a disciplined component,” Dolmaya said. 

The dojo is designed to be all encompassing of family. Currently there are small tables for parents to work at while their kids are in class. Dolmaya and his team are also working on converting the second floor into another studio so they can have adult classes and kids classes running at the same time to cater to families. 

The dojo aims to be a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community, children with special needs, parents, caregivers and more. 

“We are definitely inclusive. We would love to give everyone an opportunity to participate and we make concessions. There is enough of us that when there is a kid that needs more one-on-one attention, we’re able to facilitate that as well,” Dolmaya said. 

He said they want to ensure anyone can come there and feel safe. 

“We’re striving to be a safe space and just welcoming for all the different communities out there,” Trottier added. “We want to make sure everyone feels comfortable.”

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