IMPACT Martial Arts Newmarket

Meibukan Newmarket Karate, under Sensei Pat Goodeve, has now taken over the dojo space at 1251 Gorham St, Unit 13, Newmarket.

Meibukan Newmarket Karate offers a strong and fun program of kata-based Goju Ryu karate, and all of the members and Senseis super welcoming and helpful. We cannot recommend their program highly enough.

Classes run every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The times are as follows:

4-5pm & 6-7pm - Beginners (white/yellow belts)
7-8pm - Intermediate (orange belts and up)
8-9pm - Advanced (brown/black belts)

Memberships include up to 3 one-hour classes per week. Prices are:

One Person - $130 per month
Additional Family Member - $90 per month
Family Membership - $270 per month (up to 2 adults)

Take a free trial class - we know you'll love it. Call 647-505-7609 or for more information.


Impact Martial Arts is now closed. Meibukan Newmarket Karate has now taken over the dojo space, and we strongly recommend them for your continued training.

Please visit their site at for more information.